Located in the heart of the booming River North Art District, this strip of greenspace is under consideration as a new community gathering place that will attract locals & visitors in RiNo. The promenade is adjacent to the South Platte River Bike Path and the new RiNo Park.

Through neighborhood collaboration, stewardship, active programming, innovative design and celebration of local wildlife, we seek to engage the vibrant and diverse community on and around RiNo's Gee Sway. This area between 29th Street and 38th Street attracts a captivating number of Canadian Geese each year. Geese migrate to this area all year long with massive numbers arriving each evening at sunset in the Fall and Winter months. Locals have been calling this stretch the Gee Sway. The name is quirky in nature but seems to be sticking!

Gee Sway organizers will work hard on revitalizing the river front and cleaning up the river to help make it a vibrant place for visitors. There is a lot of work to be done to make this a vibrant area. It is through collaboration with local government, neighborhood advocates and river visionaries that will revitalize this open space.

If you're interested in being a partner please email tracy@weilworks.com